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General Questions

“PURI” is a brand of Yantai Puri Technology Development Co., Ltd., we focused on high-performance coated sand equipment, reclaimed sand equipment, silence manufacturing and providing metal OEM service. Cost-effective and fast response are the main strengths in our company, our production has strictly executive according to the products quality system.

We are the 100% manufacturer specialized in coated sand equipment, reclaimed sand equipment, silence and metal OEM. We are a professional manufacturer, we have our own R&D team and sales team, provide one-stop service.

Some of the services that PURE Technology can provide to our customers are:

  • CNC machining, sheet metal processing, electrophoresis and plating, etc.
  • Full range of services such as layout design, guidance on installation, production and commissioning and after-sales maintenance of sound elimination instruments.
  • Metal OEM (Mainly includes sheet metal processing, welding processing, engineering vehicle parts).

You can get a quote by visiting the contact page, or simply contact us via phone: +86 130 2167 2107, email: [email protected]. Based on a large variance of requirements from project to project, most quotations need to be prepared by an estimator.

You will typically receive your quotation within 24 hours for most requests.

Every customer deserves the highest quality contract manufacturing and packaging services every single time.

This is why our industry leading Quality System extends throughout the supply chain from product receipt to final delivery-at every of our facility.

This ensures quality products and timely delivery you can count on.

Complete traceability comes standard here, along with full CE compliance. You also have access to our innovative in-house manufacturing for verification and testing solutions. We have a proven track record of creating smart, go-to-market solutions- -all supported by a robust Quality System.

Yes, we recommend that you work with PURI on your new project – you tell us what’s needed, and we come up with a solution. This ensures that you get the right solution and product you want. Please provide us with your contact information and our sales team will get back to you regarding your commercial project.

The price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity. When you are making an inquiry, please let us know the product you need and the quantity you want. We will send you a quote ASAP.

And we’re willing to have a discount program for those prospective clients who are willing to help us with Local promotion or are open for local visitors. If you join it. We do not even need to worry about discount.

(1) With our mission to help our customers cut down converting costs, we don’t believe in over-priced strategy.

(2)We have been striving to do our best to keep price as low as possible without sacrificing quality, for instance, our critical components are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house.

(3)Beyond that, We improve the competitiveness on manufacturing costs by actively seeking the best possible component options and manage supply chain logistics.

(4)We hope that by giving the best support on price to you, we could help ease your capital pressure and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship together